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English » Chinese (Trad.) Top
gas pool
  • {N} 氣藏

English » Chinese (Trad.) Indirect results Top
big pool
  • {N}
large pool in a bathhouse
  • {N} 池湯
pool Hear! {pu:l}
  • {N} 蕩, 集資, 池塘, 池沼, 水池, 池子, 塘, 澡塘, 沼, 瀦
  • {V} 匯總, 湊, 湊巴, 湊錢
deep pool
  • {N} 潭, 淵
Does the hotel have a swimming pool?
  • {PHR} 旅館裏有游泳池嗎?
hot-water bathing pool
  • {N}
Is there an outdoor pool nearby?
  • {PHR} 附近有室外游泳池嗎?
pool money to help smb. out
  • {V} 幫湊
shallow end of a swimming pool
  • {N} 淺水池
shallow pool
  • {N} 淺水池
swimming pool {'swımıŋ,pu:l}
  • {N} 游泳池, 澡塘