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English » French Top
a propos
  • {PREP} propos: à propos de

French » English Top
à propos
  • {A} opportune, apt, well-timed, timely, seasonable, pertinent
  • {ADV} opportunely, aptly, time: in time, moment: at the right moment, way: by the way, bye: by the bye, pat
  • {N} suitability, fitness

French » English Indirect results Top
  • {N} foreword
déformer les propos de
  • {V} misquote
de propos délibéré
  • {ADV} deliberately, purposely, intentionally
mal à propos
  • {A} amiss, ill-timed
  • {ADV} amiss, time: at the wrong time
manque d'à propos
  • {N} ineptness
menus propos
  • {N} small talk
parler mal à propos
  • {V} speak out of turn
peu à propos
  • {A} inept
  • {N} talk, talking
à propos de
  • {PREP} a propos, concerning, connection: in connection with, at
avec propos
  • {ADV} aptly
propos ambigus
  • {N} double talk
propos grossiers
  • {N} strong language, foulness
vendre la mèche à propos de
  • {ID} spill the beans