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Turkish » English Top
tahrik etmek
  • {V} turn on, seduce, excite, provoke, incite, instigate, agitate, egg, egg on, fan, ferment, hound, hound on, irritate, jockey into, move, rough the wrong way, rouse, solicit, stimulate, sting, stir up, whet, whip up, wind up, work up
tahrik etmek
1. excite. incite. provoke. rouse. stimulate.
tahrik etmek * to incite, provoke, instigate, foment. * to move, set in motion; to drive, propel. * to excite, stimulate, arouse (especially used of sexual excitement).
tahrik etmek excite
tahrik etmek incite

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
çok tahrik etmek
  • {V} over-excite
çok tahrik etmek over excite v.