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  • {N} bird
  • {PREF} ornitho-
  • {A} offended, stuffy
1. bird.
2. slang stupid gambler.
3. slang raw, inexperienced.
4. slang penis, *pecker.

__a benzemek/dönmek (for something) to be spoiled, be ruined, or be messed up unintentionally (usually because of abridgment or cutting).

__a benzetmek /ı/ to spoil (something) by trying to improve it.

__ beyinli stupid, bird-brained.

__ gibi (person) light as a feather.

__ gibi uçup gitmek to die after a very short illness, go quickly, fade away fast.

__ gibi yemek to eat like a bird, eat very little.

__ kadar canı var. colloq. He is small and puny.

__ kafesi gibi small and beautiful (building).

__ kanadıyla gitmek to go very fast, fly.

__ kondurmak /a/ to make or decorate (something) with great care and skill. İnsan kuş misali. colloq. It´s amazing how fast people can travel.

__ mu konduracak? colloq. Does he think he´s going to create a masterpiece? (said sarcastically).

__ uçmaz, kervan geçmez desolate, lonely (place).

__ uçurmamak
1. not to allow anyone or anything to escape; not to allow anyone or anything to pass through without permission.
2. to be an alert person, be someone who´s always on the qui vive.

__ uykusu very light sleep.
küs child´s language sullen, mad, put out, peeved.
kuş * bird. argo * raw, inexperienced. argo * penis, *pecker.