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TurkceSozluk.net Terms of Use

Update : Dezember 11, 2017

TurkceSozluk.net offers dictionary services with the langauges which is listed on TurkceSozluk.net website. The user accepts Terms of Services of TurkceSozluk.net when they visit the webpage (www.turkcesozluk.net) and Privacy Policy. TurkceSozluk.net keep rights to change Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Updated new documents will be published here.
  • This site gives dictionary services from different langauges
  • We dont guarantee about the results of the word you try to search on sozluk.net. We try our best to keep the site updated.
  • We dont have any content which is not suitable for kids. We always do our best to keep our webs clean. If you see any things which is wrong, please contact with us. We will correct it.
  • The site can have the parts like Forum, Guestbook where any visitor can write there. We dont take any responsebilities for the content which is written by visitors. But if you see anything which is not suitable, please let us know. We will do our best and correct them.
  • We can add more content and dictionaries or we can cancel some services without giving any additional notice to visitors.

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This site contains links to third-party websites including advertisements. When users go to third-party websites by clicking the links given on TurkceSozluk.net, they have to read Terms of Services of these webs also. TurkceSozluk.net does not take any responsibility for third-party webs.

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