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English » Chinese (Simpl.) Top
listen Hear! {'lısən}
  • {V} 聆, 倾听, 听

English » Chinese (Simpl.) Indirect results Top
interesting to listen
  • {A} 动听
won't listen to reason
  • {V} 不可理喻
listen in
  • {V} 收听
listen only to one side
  • {V} 偏听偏言
listen to
  • {V} 顺, 顺从, 听, 听取, 依
listen to a talk
  • {V} 听讲
It's pleasant to listen
  • {PHR} 顺耳
pleasant to listen to
  • {A} 动听
not bother to ask questions or listen to what's said
  • {V} 不闻不问
listen with trembling
  • {V} 竦耳
listen with trepidation
  • {V} 竦耳