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English » Chinese (Simpl.) Top
long-term Hear! {,lɔ:ŋ'tɜ:rm}
  • {A} 长, 长期, 长远, 经久

English » Chinese (Simpl.) Indirect results Top
address term between sons-in-law
  • {N}
age-long {'eıdʒlɔ:ŋ}
  • {A} 长年的
long-cherished ambition
  • {N} 夙志
How long does the bus stop here?
  • {PHR} 公共汽车在这里停多久?
long-distance call
  • {N} 长途电话
How long will it take to repair the car?
  • {PHR} 修理这辆车需要多长时间?
commendatory term
  • {N} 褒义词
How long does it take to make a connection?
  • {PHR} 转机需要多长时间?
long-stalked crops
  • {N} 高杆作物
all day long
  • {ADV} 整天
How long will it be delayed?
  • {PHR} 航班会延迟多长时间?
derogatory term
  • {N} 贬词, 贬义词
long-snout dog
  • {N} 猃, 玁
How long will it take to go downtown?
  • {PHR} 去市区要多长时间?
long drink
  • {N} 淡酒
earthen jar with long neck
  • {N} 甇, 罃
end-of-term examination
  • {N} 期考
be fatigued by a long journey
  • {V} 鞍马劳顿
first term
  • {N} 首项
long-necked wine flask
  • {N}