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English » Chinese (Simpl.) Top
police Hear! {pə'li:s}
  • {N} 治安, 警, 警察, 警方
  • {V} 维持治安, 管辖

English » Chinese (Simpl.) Indirect results Top
criminal police
  • {N} 刑警
local police station
  • {N} 派出所
military police
  • {N} 宪兵
Call the police.
  • {PHR} 打电话叫警察。
Did you call the police?
  • {PHR} 你叫警察了吗?
give up to the police
  • {V} 投案
I'll call the police.
  • {PHR} 我会叫警察。
people's police
  • {N} 民警
Please call the police immediately.
  • {PHR} 请立刻给警察打电话。
Where is the nearest police station?
  • {PHR} 最近的警察局在哪里?
Who called the police?
  • {PHR} 谁叫警察了?
police car {pə'li:s,kɑ:r}
  • {N} 警车
police department
  • {N} 警察局
police dog
  • {N} 警犬, 狼犬
police force
  • {N} 警, 警察, 警方
police officer
  • {N} 警官, 巡警
report an incident to the police
  • {V} 报警
surrender oneself to the police
  • {V} 投案