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English » Chinese (Trad.) Top
front Hear! {frʌnt}
  • {A} 正面的, 前邊的, 前部的, 前面的
  • {N} 前, 前面, 場面, 前線, 陣, 陣地, 陣線, 正面
  • {V} 對, 對付, 面

English » Chinese (Trad.) Indirect results Top
Is the dining car at the front or rear of the train?
  • {PHR} 餐車是在火車前面或後面?
carry with the front of a robe
  • {V}
crack with front teeth
  • {V}
curtain at front of carriage
  • {N}
eyes front!
  • {INTRJ} 嚮前看!
false front
  • {N} 假面具
be in front
  • {V} 領先
in front
  • {ADV} 前, 先頭
in front of
  • {ADV} 面前
  • {PREP} 頭里, 跟前
put up a front
  • {V} 擺門面
front cover
  • {N} 封面, 封一
front line {,frʌnt'laın}
  • {N} 第一線, 前線, 陣腳
front money
  • {N} 定金
front of clothes
  • {N}
front page
  • {N} 頭版
front-page {,frʌnt'peıdʒ}
  • {V} 轟動
  • {A} 轟動的
front sight
  • {N} 准星
front teeth
  • {N} 門牙
national united front
  • {N} 民族統一戰線
on the front page
  • {ADV} 在頭版