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English » Chinese (Trad.) Top
numerous Hear! {'nu:mərəs}
  • {A} 百, 不一而足, 成千上萬, 大量, 多, 繁, 紛, 豐, 豐富, 廣, 夥, 濔, 莘, 庶, 紜, 眾, 眾多

English » Chinese (Trad.) Indirect results Top
There are numerous similar cases
  • {PHR} 不知凡幾
too numerous to mention individually
  • {A} 不勝枚舉
numerous types
  • {N} 數種
public place with numerous people
  • {N} 大庭廣眾
vast and numerous
  • {A} 浩繁