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English » Chinese (Trad.) Top
open Hear! {'əʋpən}
  • {A} 廓, 敞, 爽, 開闊, 公開, 豁, 爽朗, 坦, 坦率, 通, 透明, 恂, 陽, 正面
  • {N} 空曠
  • {V} 披, 捭, 開幕, 豁, 撐, 開, 開設, 開辦, 拆開, 打開, 啟, 發芽, 闡, 開展, 開放, 胠, 攄, 放開
Open Hear!
  • {PHR} 開門

English » Chinese (Trad.) Indirect results Top
I would like to open an account.
  • {PHR} 我想要開個帳戶。
open fire with artillery
  • {V} 開砲
What time do you open for breakfast?
  • {PHR} 您什麼時間開門供應早餐?
break open
  • {V} 打開
burst open the door
  • {V} 破門
open caisson
  • {N} 沉井
cut open
  • {V} 刳, 剖
cut open and clean
  • {V}
What time does the drugstore open?
  • {PHR} 藥房什麼時間開門?
keep one's eyes open
  • {ID} 留意
government open system interconnection profile
  • {N} 政府機關開放系統互連總則
iron open work
  • {N} 鐵花
How late is the bank open?
  • {PHR} 銀行最晚開到什麼時候?
Open your mouth, please.
  • {PHR} 請張開嘴。
Is the museum open to the public?
  • {PHR} 博物館對公眾開放嗎?
be brought into the open
  • {V} 公開化
become open for navigation
  • {V} 開航
be open to air traffic
  • {V} 通航
be open to navigation
  • {V} 通航
bring smth. into open
  • {V} 點破