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English » Chinese (Trad.) Top
schedule Hear! {'skedʒu:l}
  • {N} 班期, 進度, 日程, 日程表, 時間表, 議程

English » Chinese (Trad.) Indirect results Top
Is this bus schedule current?
  • {PHR} 該公共汽車時間表是最新的嗎?
Is this the current bus schedule?
  • {PHR} 這是當前的公共汽車的日程表嗎?
behind the schedule
  • {ADV} 晚點, 誤期
Could I have a schedule?
  • {PHR} 能給我一張日程表嗎?
on schedule
  • {ADV} 按期, 按時, 如期, 正點, 准時
You can find the schedule over there.
  • {PHR} 你能在那裏看到日程表。
Is this the current train schedule?
  • {PHR} 這是當前的火車的日程表嗎?
Is this train schedule current?
  • {PHR} 該火車時間表是最新的嗎?