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English » Chinese (Trad.) Top
simple Hear! {'sımpəl}
  • {A} 純, 淳樸, 單純, 簡, 簡單, 簡略, 簡朴, 簡易, 朴, 樸實, 樸素, 樸質, 樸, 淺, 淺近, 淺易, 輕巧, 素, 易, 約, 顓, 戇

English » Chinese (Trad.) Indirect results Top
simple meal
  • {N} 便飯
narrate in a simple direct way
  • {V} 平鋪直敘
pure and simple
  • {A} 純屬
The reason is very simple
  • {PHR} 原因很簡單
not simple
  • {A} 不簡單
simple and clear
  • {A} 簡明
simple and convenient
  • {A} 簡便
simple and crude
  • {A} 簡陋
simple and direct
  • {A} 撇脫, 痛快
simple and natural
  • {A}
simple and straightforward style of writing
  • {N} 白描
simple and unadorned
  • {A} 素樸
simple eye
  • {N} 單眼
simple finals
  • {N} 單韻母
simple interest
  • {N} 單利
simple leaf
  • {N} 單葉
simple message transfer protocol
  • {N} 簡單郵件傳輸
simple-minded {'sımpəl,maındıd}
  • {A} 憨, 悾, 老實, 傻呵呵, 傻乎乎
simple-mindedness {'sımpəl,maındıdnıs}
  • {N} 糊涂事
simple network management protocol
  • {N} 簡單網絡管理, 簡單網絡管理協議