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English » Chinese (Trad.) Top
stay Hear! {steı}
  • {N} 撐, 撐條
  • {V} 遲留, 處, 待, 獃, 耽擱, 逗, 逗留, 羈, 羇泊, 留, 留下, 盤桓, 盤旋, 棲, 棲身, 棲止, 停, 延緩, 住宿

English » Chinese (Trad.) Indirect results Top
I'll stay here for 2 days.
  • {PHR} 我將在這里待兩天。
Did you enjoy your stay?
  • {PHR} 你逗留期間愉快嗎?
I've enjoyed my stay.
  • {PHR} 逗留期間我很愉快。
I'd like to extend my stay for a few days.
  • {PHR} 我想多待幾天。
stay idle
  • {V}
Stay in lane
  • {PHR} 待在車道內
I'll stay here for a month.
  • {PHR} 我將在這里待一個月。
I will stay 2 nights.
  • {PHR} 我將停留兩個晚上。
persuade smb. to stay
  • {V} 挽留, 輓留
I plan to stay 2 weeks.
  • {PHR} 我計划停留兩個星期。
ask a guest to stay
  • {V} 留客
Do I have to stay in the hospital?
  • {PHR} 我必須待在醫院嗎?
How long are you going to stay here?
  • {PHR} 你要在這裏留多久?
I will stay till June 15.
  • {PHR} 我將停留到六月十五號。
Where are you going to stay?
  • {PHR} 你要留在哪里?
stay away from the scene of contention
  • {V} 超然物外
stay away from trouble
  • {V} 避風
stay behind for garrison duty
  • {V} 留守
stay calm and collected
  • {V} 不動聲色
stay down
  • {V} 留級