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Gross-headed Thick-skulled; stupid. a.

English » English Indirect results Top
Addle-headed Alt. of Addle-pated a.
Beetle-headed Dull; stupid. a.
Bluff-headed Built with the stem nearly straight up and down. a.
Buckler-headed Having a head like a buckler. a.
Buffle-headed Having a large head, like a buffalo; dull; stupid; blundering. a.
Muddy-headed Dull; stupid. a.
Mushroom-headed Having a cylindrical body with a convex head of larger diameter; having a head like that of a mushroom. a.
Nail-headed Having a head like that of a nail; formed so as to resemble the head of a nail. a.
Nott-headed Having the hair cut close. a.
Open-headed Bareheaded. a.
Pig-headed Having a head like a pig; hence, figuratively: stupidity obstinate; perverse; stubborn. a.
Pudding-headed Stupid. a.
Puzzle-headed Having the head full of confused notions. a.
Rattle-headed Noisy; giddy; unsteady. a.
Rug-headed Having shaggy hair; shock-headed. a.
Sheep-headed Silly; simple-minded; stupid. a.
Shock-headed Having a thick and bushy head of hair. a.
Soft-headed Weak in intellect. a.
Thick-headed Having a thick skull; stupid. a.
Thorn-headed Having a head armed with thorns or spines. a.