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bread Hear! {bred}
  • {N} pain (M), fric (M)

English » French Indirect results Top
banana bread
  • {N} pain de banane (M)
make bread
  • {V} panifier
May I have some bread?
  • {PHR} pain: Puis-je avoir du pain?
bread dough
  • {N} pâte à pain (F)
garlic bread
  • {N} pain à l'ail (M)
homemade bread
  • {N} pain fait à la maison (M)
making bread
  • {N} panification (F)
nothing but bread
  • {PHR} rien que pain
oat bread
  • {N} pain d'avoine (M)
piece of bread
  • {N} morceau de pain (M)
plain bread
  • {N} simple tartine (F)
pumpernickel bread
  • {N} pain de seigle noir (M)
rye bread {,raı'bred}
  • {N} pain de seigle (M)
toast bread
  • {N} pain grillé (M)
toast some bread
  • {V} griller du pain
white bread
  • {N} pain blanc (M)
whole wheat bread
  • {N} pain complet (M)