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French » English Top
  • {N} contract, agreement, treaty, engagement, indent, act, deal, deed, lease, compact, covenant, instrument, writing

French » English Indirect results Top
condition dans le contrat
  • {N} endorsement, indorsation, indorsement
bon contrat
  • {N} good deal
sous contrat
  • {ADV} contract: under contract
tenir par contrat
  • {V} contract
contrat de crédit
  • {N} hire purchase
contrat de location
  • {N} rental agreement, tenancy agreement
contrat de mariage
  • {N} marriage contract, contraction of marriage
contrat global
  • {N} package
s'engager par contrat à faire
  • {V} contract to do
rupture de contrat
  • {N} breach of contract
signer un contrat
  • {V} sign a contract