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English » French Top
occupation Hear! {,ɒkjə'peıʃən}
  • {N} occupation (F), métier (M), profession (F), travail (M), emploi (M)

French » English Top
  • {N} occupation, occupancy, conquering, tenure, taking, appropriation, pursuit, profession

English » French Indirect results Top
army of occupation
  • {N} armée d'occupation (F)
What's your occupation?
  • {PHR} profession: Quelle est votre profession?

French » English Indirect results Top
armée d'occupation
  • {N} occupation: army of occupation
heure limite d'occupation
  • {N} checkout time
manifestation avec occupation de locaux
  • {N} sit-in
sans occupation
  • {A} idle
troupes d'occupation
  • {N} occupying troops