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English » French Top
pride Hear! {praıd}
  • {N} orgueil (M), amour-propre (M), fierté (F), arrogance (F), vanité (F), vertige (M), groupe d'animaux (M)

English » French Indirect results Top
have a pride in
  • {V} vanter: se vanter
take a pride in
  • {V} vanter: se vanter
pride of place
  • {N} place d'honneur (F)
pride oneself on
  • {V} gonfler: se gonfler
pride oneself on smth.
  • {V} enorgueillir: s'enorgueillir, fier: être fier, targuer: se targuer de
self-pride {,self'praıd}
  • {N} orgueil personnel (M)