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  • {N} hearsay

English » French Indirect results Top
dire Hear! {'daıər}
  • {A} terrible, affreux, sinistre

French » English Indirect results Top
cela va sans dire
  • {ID} go: that goes without saying
  • {ADV} that is, say: that is to say, namely
Merci de me dire où descendre.
  • {PHR} get off: Please tell me where to get off.
  • {V} say, tell, speak, talk, express, mention, put, state, admit, bid
C'est à dire que ...
  • {PHR} thing: Well, the thing is ...
C'est à lui de dire.
  • {PHR} say-so: It's his say-so.
Il va sans dire.
  • {PHR} say: Needless to say.
Je ne voulais pas dire ça.
  • {PHR} mean: I didn't mean that.
pour ainsi dire
  • {ADV} so to say, so to speak
  • {PHR} as it were
Pouvez-vous me dire comment je peux aller à cet hôtel?
  • {PHR} tell: Would you tell me how to get to this hotel?
Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire?
  • {PHR} mean: What does it mean?
sans rien dire
  • {A} quiet
se dire
  • {V} reflect
dire adieux
  • {V} see off
dire adieux à
  • {V} farewell: bid farewell to
dire au revoir
  • {V} see off, send off
dire au revoir à qn
  • {V} see smb. off
dire à voix basse
  • {V} whisper
dire brusquement
  • {V} rap out
dire des bêtises
  • {ID} talk rubbish
  • {V} piffle, twaddle