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  • {ID} hump: have the hump
  • {V} bad: feel bad about, badly: feel badly about, bother, bother about, deplore, fret, grieve, languish, regret, rue, sadden, sorrow, trouble, trouble: be troubled about, worry, worry oneself
1. /a/ to be upset (by), be distressed (by); to be/feel sad (that).
2. to be abraded.
üzülmek * to be upset (by), be distressed (by); to be/feel sad (that). * to be abraded.
üzülmek bemoan
üzülmek deplore

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
üzüm üzüm üzülmek * to be greatly upset/distressed/saddened (by).
(sürekli olarak) üzülmek fret