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Turkish » English Top
  • {A} expensive, costly, high-priced, dear, pricy, pricey, precious, rich, sumptuous
pahalı expensive, costly, dear.

pahalıya mal olmak (oturmak) /a/ to cost (someone) a lot.
pahalı * expensive, costly, dear.
pahalı costly
pahalı expensive

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
çok pahalı
  • {ADV} much: too much
Bu güzel ama biraz pahalı.
  • {PHR} expensive: It's good, but it's a little expensive.
Bunu biraz pahalı buluyorum.
  • {PHR} expensive: I find it a little expensive.
Çok pahalı olmayan bir yer.
  • {PHR} expensive: Some place not too expensive.
Daha az pahalı bir şey var mı?
  • {PHR} expensive: Is there anything less expensive?
Daha az pahalı olanı var mı?
  • {PHR} expensive: Is there a less expensive one?
Daha pahalı bir şeyleriniz var mı?
  • {PHR} expensive: Do you have anything more expensive?
Pahalı mı?
  • {PHR} expensive: Is it expensive?, expensive: Is this expensive?
pahalı lokanta
  • {N} clip joint
astarı yüzünden pahalı olmak * to be expensive because money was wasted on extraneous matters. * (for a project) to cost more than it is worth.
Pabuç pahalı. konuşma dili * As he's too powerful for me to tangle with, I'd better not press matters any further. * I've bitten off more than I can chew.
pahalı bir biçimde dearly
az bulunur/pahalı/leziz yiyecek delicacy
gereksiz/pahalı şey luxury
bu güzel ama biraz pahalı It's good but it's a little expensive
bunu biraz pahalı buluyorum. I find it a little expensive.
çok pahalı too much adv.
çok pahalı olmayan bir yer. Some place not too expensive.
daha az pahalı bir şey var mı Is there anything less expensive
daha az pahalı olanı var mı Is there a less expensive one