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  • {A} wordy
  • {N} word, say, saying, expression, talk, term, verbalism, promise, faith, commitment, committal, statement, assurance, engagement, pledge, plight, sentence, spiel, vocable, voice
1. remark, utterance; expression; statement; word.
2. promise.
3. rumor.

sözü açılmak to be brought up in conversation, be mentioned, be spoken of.

söz açmak /dan/ to bring (something) up in conversation.

sözü ağzında bırakmak /ın/ not to let (someone) finish what he´s saying.

sözü ağzına tıkamak /ın/ to squelch, silence.

söz ağzından dirhemle çıkmak to be very taciturn, be very sparing in one´s speech.

sözü ağzında gevelemek not to come to the point, to beat around the bush.

söz almak
1. to start to talk (after obtaining permission).
2. /dan/ to get a promise out of (someone).

söz altında kalmamak to give as good as one gets (in an argument).

söz anlamak to understand what one is told and act on it.

söz anlamaz (someone) who refuses to understand what´s told him, who won´t listen to reason.

söz anlayan beri gelsin. colloq. None of you understand me.

söz aramızda .... Between you and me./Don´t tell anyone else.

söz arasında in the course of the conversation.

söz atmak /a/
1. to make a rude remark about (someone) within his hearing.
2. to make an improper innuendo or suggestion to (a woman), proposition.

söze atılmak to enter a conversation suddenly, suddenly to come forth with some remarks.

söz ayağa düşmek for a matter to be talked about by people who have no right to do so.

sözü bağlamak to conclude one´s remarks.


sözünüzü balla kestim. colloq. Excuse me for interrupting you.

sözünü bilmek to speak tactfully.

sözünü bilmez tactless.

söz bir, Allah bir. You can rely on me completely; I am a man of my word.

söz bir etmek to unite with others (against someone or something).

söz birliği etmek (for people) to agree beforehand as to what they will say or do; to agree to tell the same story or act in the same way.

söze boğmak /ı/ to drown (a subject) in a flood of words.

sözü çevirmek to change the subject.

söz çıkmak for a piece of news to be going around/be bruited about.

sözünden çıkmamak /ın/ never to think of bucking (someone), never to think of going against (someone´s) wishes or orders.

sözü çiğnemek to beat around the bush.

söz dağarcığı vocabulary.

söz dinlemek to heed what one is told, follow advice.

sözünden dönmek to go back on one´s word.

sözünde durmak to keep one´s word.

söz düşmemek /a/ to have no right to voice an opinion.

söz ebesi
1. garrulous, talkative.
2. quick at repartee.

söz ehli eloquent (person).

söz eri
1. eloquent (person).
2. (someone) who knows how to talk people into doing what he wants.

sözünün eri man of his word; woman of her word.

sözünü esirgememek to be very plainspoken, not to mince words, to call a spade a spade.

söz etmek /dan/ to talk about (someone, something).

sözünü etmek /ın/ to talk about (something).

sözü geçen the aforementioned, the aforesaid (person, thing).

söz geçirmek /a/ to make (someone) do what one says.

sözü geçmek
1. to be influential.
2. to be mentioned, be spoken of.

söz gelmek /a/ to be the object of criticism, be criticized.

sözüne gelmek /ın/ to come round to (someone´s) point of view, finally to agree that (someone) is right.

sözünü geri almak
1. to take back what one has said (apologetically).
2. to withdraw one´s promise.

söz getirmek /a/ to cause unfavorable comments to be made about.

sözü (bir şeye) getirmek to say (something) indirectly, say (something) in so many words.

söz götürmez beyond doubt, indisputable.

söz gümüşse sükût altındır. proverb Speech is silver, but silence is golden.

söz işitmek to get a dressing down.

söz kaldırmamak to be quick to retort to a slighting or insulting remark.

sözde kalmak not to be carried out, not to be realized.

söz kavafı garrulous, (someone) who´s a chatterbox.

söz kesmek /a/ (for the bride´s family) to agree to give (their daughter) in marriage.

sözü kesmek to stop speaking in midsentence.

sözünü kesmek /ın/ to interrupt (someone who is speaking).

sözün kısası .... in short .../the long and the short of it is that ....

söz konusu
1. person or thing being talked of.
2. (person, thing) being talked of, under consideration.

söz konusu etmek /ı/ to discuss.

söz konusu olmak to be discussed.

sözüm meclisten dışarı. colloq. Pardon the expression./Excuse my French.

sözü mü olur? Don´t mention it!/It´s a pleasure!

söz olmak to be the subject of gossip.

söz sahibi olmak to be able to speak knowledgeably or authoritatively about something or someone; to have the right to comment on something or someone (owing to one´s knowledge of it or him).

sözünü sakınmamak not to mince matters, to call a spade a spade.

sözüm söz. colloq. You have my word on it.

söz sözü açar. proverb One topic leads to another.

sözü tartmak to be careful of what one says, choose one´s words carefully.

söz temsili for example, for instance.

sözünü tutmak
1. to keep one´s word.
2. /ın/ to take the advice of.

sözü uzatmak to be wordy, be long-winded (while speaking).

söz vermek /a/ to promise, give (someone) one´s word.

sözüm yabana. colloq. Pardon the expression./Excuse my French.

sözümü yabana atma! colloq. Don´t disregard what I say!

söze yatmak to heed advice and follow it.

sözü yere düşmek /ın/ for one´s advice to be disregarded.

söz yitimi aphasia.

söz yok! colloq. /a/ There´s nothing that can be said against (it)./It can´t be gainsaid.
söz * remark, utterance; expression; statement; word. * promise. * rumor.
söz commitment
söz assurance