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1. tatlı.

Turkish » English Top
  • {A} ornamental, fancy
  • {N} ornament, adornment, decoration, finery, garnish, make-up, setout, apparel, attire, embellishment, embroidery, encrustation, enrichment, falbala, flamboyance, flourish, flower, frill, frippery, garnishment, garniture, get-up, ornamentation, scrimshaw, setoff, trim, trimming
1. (an) ornament, (a) decoration.
2. ornamentation.
3. ornamental display.

__e düşkün
1. fond of elaborately decorated things.
2. (someone) who likes to get dolled up; dressy.

__ püs needless, worthless, or excessive adornment; frippery, finery; tinsel, tinselry. (kendine) ...

__ü vermek to act as if one is (something one is not): Kendine çok tecrübeli bir doktor süsü veriyor. He´s acting as if he were a very experienced doctor.
süs * (an) ornament, (a) decoration. * ornamentation. * ornamental display.
süs adornment
süs finery