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Turkish » English Top
  • {V} console, delude, distract, comfort, cheer up, solace, cheer, relieve
avutmak /ı/
1. to soothe, distract.
2. to comfort, console.
3. to attract and amuse.
avutmak * to soothe, distract. * to comfort, console. * to attract and amuse.
avutmak comfort
avutmak condole

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
boş sözlerle avutmak
  • {V} nothing: whisper sweet nothing
kendini avutmak
  • {V} console oneself
gönül avutmak * to dally with love. * to resign oneself to (a lesser portion), content oneself with (little).
boş sözlerle avutmak whisper sweet nothings v.
kendini avutmak console oneself v.