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  • {A} boggy, miry
  • {ID} Carey Street: in Carey Street
  • {N} bog, quagmire, marsh, gutter, mire, morass, quag, quicksand, sink, slough, swamp
1. swamp; marsh; bog; fen.
2. swampy; marshy; boggy; fenny.
3. unsalvable, hopeless.

__a saplanmak
1. to get oneself trapped in a blind alley, get oneself into a situation from which one can not extricate oneself, be up the creek in a big way, get lost in a quagmire.
2. (for a project) to come a cropper, fail.
batak * swamp; marsh; bog; fen. * swampy; marshy; boggy; fenny. * unsalvable, hopeless.
batak boggy
batak boggy

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
batak arazi marshy ground
batak arazi marshy ground [tech.]