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  • {N} seat, armchair, chair, stall, elbow chair
  • {N} stall
Koltuk astr. Cassiopeia; Cassiopeia´s Chair.
1. armpit.
2. armchair.
3. flattery.
4. out-of-the-way spot.
5. small, out-of-the-way shop.
6. buttress.
7. patronage, backing, pull.
8. slang brothel, whorehouse.
9. high position, important job.

__ altı
1. armpit.
2. patronage, backing, pull.

__ değneği crutch.

__ değneğiyle with difficulty and with the help of others.

__a girmek (for the groom) to take the bride´s arm during the koltuk töreni.

__una girmek /ın/ to put oneself under (someone´s) protection.

__ halatı mooring line.

__ları kabarmak to swell with pride.

__ kapısı servant´s entrance.

__ meyhanesi cheap, standup bar.

__ta olmak colloq. to be entertained at someone else´s expense.

__una sığınmak /ın/ to put oneself under (someone´s) protection.

__ taşı voussoir (placed next to the keystone).

__ töreni ceremony in which a groom sees the face of his bride for the first time.

__ vermek /a/ to flatter (someone) to his face.

__a vermek /ı/ to give (the bride) to the groom during the koltuk töreni.

__ yastığı bolster, cushion (used as an armrest).
koltuk * armpit. * armchair. * flattery. * out-of-the-way spot. * small, out-of-the-way shop. * buttress. * patronage, backing, pull. argo * brothel, whorehouse. * high position, important job.

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
açılır kapanır koltuk
  • {N} swing seat, drop seat, tip-up seat, folding chair
arka koltuk
  • {N} back seat, rumble
arka portatif koltuk
  • {N} rumble seat
Koltuk değiştirebilir miyiz?
  • {PHR} change: Could I change seats with you?
Bu koltuk dolu mu?
  • {PHR} occupied: Is this seat occupied?
fırlatılabilir koltuk
  • {N} jettisonable seat
hasır koltuk
  • {N} wicker chair
kaplamak (koltuk)
  • {V} upholster
katlanan koltuk
  • {N} swing seat
Bu koltuk nerede?
  • {PHR} seat: Where is this seat?
Bu uçakta boş koltuk var mı?
  • {PHR} seat: Are there any seats on the flight?
Koltuk ücreti ne kadar?
  • {PHR} seat: How much are the seats?
koridorda koltuk
  • {N} seat: aisle seat
pencerenin yanında koltuk
  • {N} seat: window seat
koltuk altı
  • {A} underarm
  • {N} armpit
koltuk altı
  • {N} axilla
koltuk avcısı
  • {N} spoilsman
koltuk değneği
  • {N} crutch
koltuk örtüsü
  • {N} antimacassar
koltuk sayısı
  • {N} seating capacity