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Turkish » English Top
  • {A} cunning, shrewd, astute, tricky, artful, crafty, arch, cagey, calculating, canny, cattish, catty, cute, designing, dodgy, downy, feline, foxy, hard-boiled, heady, knowing, leery, politic, quirky, roguish, serpentine, sharp, shifty, slick, slim, sly, smart, subtile, vulpine, wide awake, wily
  • {N} wheeler-dealer, coon, dodger, weasel, fox: sly old fox, wise guy, fox, slyboots
kurnaz cunning, foxy.
kurnaz * cunning, foxy.
kurnaz cagey
kurnaz cagy

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
kurnaz herif
  • {N} dog: sly dog
kurnaz köpek
  • {N} sly: a sly dog
kurnaz olmak
  • {ID} snuff: be up to snuff
kurnaz politikacı
  • {N} wheeler-dealer
prep.gibi kurnaz:ıf.|gibi kurnaz as cunning as
prep.gibi kurnaz:ıf.|gibi kurnaz as tricky as
kurnaz herif sly dog n.
kurnaz köpek a sly dog n.
kurnaz olmak be up to snuff
kurnaz politikacı wheeler dealer n.