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Turkish » English Top
  • {N} generation, descent, race, issue, posterity, birth, breed, extraction, flesh and blood, lineage, loins, parentage, stock, strain
nesil ,-sli
1. generation (group of people).
2. line (of a family), race.
3. progeny, offspring.

nesili tükenmek for (someone´s) line to die out; (for an animal/a plant) to become extinct, die out.
nesil nes{li} * generation (group of people). * line (of a family), race. * progeny, offspring.
nesil blood line
nesil bloodline

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
nesil farkı
  • {N} generation gap
yeni nesil
  • {N} generation: the rising generation, rising generation
nesil farkı generation gap n.
yeni nesil the rising generation, rising generation n.