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English » Chinese (Trad.) Top
catch Hear! {kætʃ}
  • {N} 捕捉, 鉤
  • {V} 獲, 捕, 捕捉, 捕獲, 逮, 接著, 捕撈, 覺察, 感染, 捕拿, 擒, 擒拿, 抓, 抓住, 捉, 捉拿, 捉取

English » Chinese (Trad.) Indirect results Top
can't catch up with
  • {PHR} 趕不上
I didn't catch your name.
  • {PHR} 我沒有聽清你的名字。
I'm sorry, I didn't catch you.
  • {PHR} 很抱歉,我沒有聽懂您。
try to catch sparrows with one's eyes blindfolded
  • {ID} 閉塞眼睛捉麻雀
catch a disease
  • {V} 染, 染病
catch and feed on
  • {V} 捕食
catch birds with a net
  • {V}
catch cold
  • {V} 感冒, 傷風, 受寒, 受涼
catch crops
  • {N} 填閑作物
catch fire
  • {V} 發火, 失火, 走水
catch fish
  • {V} 捕魚, 打魚
catch hold of
  • {V} 抓住
catch question
  • {N} 偏題
catch the attention
  • {V} 引人注意
catch the eye
  • {V} 醒目
catch the wind
  • {V} 兜風
catch up
  • {V} 趕, 赶, 趕上, 捉住
quicken one's pace to catch up
  • {V} 追趕
Where can I catch the shuttle bus?
  • {PHR} 我在哪里可以乘坐公車?
catch sight
  • {V}