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Awl-shaped Shaped like an awl. a.
Awl-shaped Subulate. See Subulate. a.

English » English Indirect results Top
Bell-shaped Having the shape of a wide-mouthed bell; campanulate. a.
Boat-shaped See Cymbiform. a.
Bristle-shaped Resembling a bristle in form; as, a bristle-shaped leaf. a.
Pear-shaped Hear!
Of the form of a pear.
Saddle-shaped Shaped like a saddle. a.
Saddle-shaped Bent down at the sides so as to give the upper part a rounded form. a.
Saddle-shaped Bent on each side of a mountain or ridge, without being broken at top; -- said of strata. a.
Salver-shaped Tubular, with a spreading border. See Hypocraterimorphous. a.
Shaped of Shape imp.
Shaped of Shape p. p.
Spindle-shaped Having the shape of a spindle. a.
Spindle-shaped Thickest in the middle, and tapering to both ends; fusiform; -- applied chiefly to roots. a.
Strap-shaped Shaped like a strap; ligulate; as, a strap-shaped corolla. a.
Sword-shaped Shaped like a sword; ensiform, as the long, flat leaves of the Iris, cattail, and the like. a.
Thread-shaped Having the form of a thread; filiform. a.
Tongue-shaped Shaped like a tongue; specifically (Bot.), linear or oblong, and fleshy, blunt at the end, and convex beneath; as, a tongue-shaped leaf. a.
Top-shaped Having the shape of a top; (Bot.) cone-shaped, with the apex downward; turbinate. a.
Trumpet-shaped Tubular with one end dilated, as the flower of the trumpet creeper. a.
Urn-shaped Having the shape of an urn; as, the urn-shaped capsules of some mosses. a.
Vase-shaped Formed like a vase, or like a common flowerpot. a.