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Allah Hear! {'ælə, 'ɑ:lə}
  • {NPR} Allah
Allah i. Allah.
allah i. Allah
Allah Al.lah äl'ı İsim * Allah.
allah Allah

Turkish » English Top
1. Allah, God.
2. How wonderful! Really!

__ım! My God!

1. luckily, fortunately.
2. from birth.

__ acısın. May God have pity on him./Only God can help him.

__ (acısını) unutturmasın. May God spare you from a greater sorrow (said when one is subjected to a great loss or grief).

__ adamı man of God.

__ akıllar/akıl fikir versin. colloq. Where is your good sense? l am surprised at you/him.

__ü âlem
1. probably.
2. maybe.
3. God knows.

__ Allah!
1. colloq. Goodness gracious!/How strange!
2. a Turkish battle cry.

__ aratmasın. May God spare you from having to get along without what you now have (said when one is discontented).

__ artırsın. May God grant you prosperity.

__ aşkına! colloq.
1. For heaven´s sake. l beg you.
2. How wonderful!

__ bağışlasın. God bless him/her (a child, a loved one, etc.).

__ bana, ben de sana. colloq. I´ll pay you my debt when l can get some money.

__ın belası
1. nuisance, pest.
2. pestiferous, pesky.

__ belanı versin/vermesin. colloq. God damn you!

__ belasını versin. colloq. Damn him!

__ beterinden esirgesin/saklasın. May God protect you/him from worse trouble.

__ bilir. colloq. Only God knows./It´s hard to say.

__ bilir .... It seems to me ....

__ın bildiğini kuldan ne saklayayım? colloq. What´s the use of making a secret of it?

__a bin şükür. Thank God.

__ın binasını yıkmak to commit murder or suicide.

__ bir! By the one God!

__a bir can borcu var. colloq. He has nothing so he has no scruples.

__ bir dediğinden başka/gayri sözüne inanılmaz. colloq. He is a habitual liar.

__ bir, söz bir. colloq. I give my word on it.

__ bir yastıkta kocatsın. May you have a happy life together (said to a newly married couple).

__tan bulmak to get one´s just deserts from God.

__ından bulsun. colloq. Let God punish him.

__ büyüktür.
1. Some day God will right the wrong that has been done to us.
2. God is sure to punish him some day for what he has done.

__ canını alsın/almasın. colloq. God damn you.

__ cezanı versin/vermesin. colloq. God damn you.

__ın cezası damn, damned.

__ı çok, insanı az bir yer a deserted place.

__ derim. colloq. All l can say is “O God.”

__ dört gözden ayırmasın. /ı/ May God save (this child) from being an orphan.

__ düşmanıma vermesin. colloq. I wouldn´t wish it on my worst enemy.

__ ecir sabır versin. May God give you/him patience (said in condolence).

__ eksik etmesin. May we not suffer his loss. I am very grateful for what he has done.

__ eksikliğini göstermesin. I am grateful for it anyway.

__a emanet. May God protect him.

__a emanet etmek /ı/ to leave the rest to God (said after sending off someone one has nurtured or a work one has prepared).

__a emanet olun. Good-bye (said by one who is leaving).

__ emeklerini eline vermesin. May you enjoy the fruit of your labor.

__ın emri, Peygamberin kavliyle according to the command of God and the word of the Prophet (said in asking a family for their daughter as a bride).

__ esirgesin/saklasın. God forbid.

__ etmesin. God forbid.

__ evi place of worship.

__ın evi the heart of man.

__ gani gani rahmet eylesin. May God have abundant mercy upon him (said for a dead person).

__ın gazabı a scourge of God.

__ gecinden versin. May God ordain it to be late (used when mentioning death).

__ göstermesin! colloq. God forbid!

__ın günü every single day, every darn day (said in exasperation or impatience).

__ hakkı için in God´s name.

__a havale etmek /ı/ to leave (punishment, revenge) to God.

__ hayırlı etsin. May God turn it to good.

__ herkesin gönlüne göre versin. May God grant the wishes of everyone.

__ın hikmeti something incredible, something extraordinary, something miraculous.

__ın hikmeti! colloq. Incredible!/Extraordinary!/God be praised!/It´s a miracle!

__ hoşnut olsun. God bless you (for your kindness to me).

__ ıslah etsin. May God mend his ways.

__a ısmarladık. Good-bye (said by the person leaving).

__ için truly, to be fair.

__ imdat eylesin. colloq. May God help you.

__ (seni) inandırsın .... Believe me ....

__ isterse if possible, if it works out right.

__ın işine bak! colloq. Now look what´s happened!

__ iyiliğini versin. colloq. God damn you.

__ın izniyle if possible, unless something comes up.

__ kabul etsin. May God find it acceptable (said of a generous or pious action).

__a kalmak to be left to God.

__ kavuştursun. May God unite you again (said to those remaining behind after another has departed on a journey).

__ kazadan beladan korusun/esirgesin/saklasın. May God protect you from all evil.

__ kerim. It is in God´s hands. There is nothing we can do.

__tan kork! colloq. Stop that! You should be ashamed!

__tan korkmaz cruel, ruthless.

__ korusun! God forbid!

__ın kulu anybody, a person.

__ kuru iftiradan saklasın. colloq. May God protect a person from false accusations.

__ layığını/müstahakını versin. colloq. Damn you/him.

__ manda şifalığı versin. colloq. May God give him the strength of an ox (since he eats so much).

__ mübarek etsin. God bless you/him.

__ ne muradın varsa versin. May God grant your every wish.

__ ne verdiyse
1. whatever God has given (modest expression in reference to the food one is serving a guest).
2. whatever money we can earn.

__ ömürler versin. May God give you a long life (used in greeting or thanking).

__ övmüş de yaratmış. colloq. She is exquisitely beautiful.

__ rahatlık versin. Good night.

__ rahmet eylesin. May God have mercy on him (said for a person who has died).

__ın rahmetine kavuşmak to die.

__ razı olsun. Thank you.

__ rızası için
1. for God´s sake.
2. without expecting any reward.

__ sabır versin. May God give you patience.

__ saklasın! God forbid!

__ selamet versin.
1. May God protect you (on your journey).
2. May your troubles end (said to a traveler).
3. God bless him (said of an absent friend or relative).
4. God bless him anyway (said when mentioning a person´s weakness).
5. Do as you like then. Go if you want to.

__ senden razı olsun. Thank you. God bless you for what you have done.


__ını seversen for the love of God.

__ını seven tutmasın. colloq. He was so mad!

__ son gürlüğü versin. May God keep him healthy and in his right mind in his old age.

__ sonunu/encamını/akıbetini hayır etsin. colloq. God grant that it works out well in the end.

__ şaşırtmasın. May God protect him from sin.

__a şükür! Thank God!

__ taksimi unequal division, distribution without regard to equity.

__ taksiratımızı affetsin. May God forgive us.

__ tamamına erdirsin. colloq. May God bring it to a happy conclusion.

__ utandırmasın. colloq. May God protect him from failure.

__tan ümit/umut kesilmez. proverb While there is life there is hope.


__ı var to tell the truth.

__ vere de .... God grant (that) ...; I hope (that) ....

__ vergisi innate, natural.

__ vermesin. colloq. God forbid.

__ versin. colloq.
1. May God help you (said to a beggar when one does not give him anything).
2. I am glad things are going so well with you/ him.

__a yalvar. colloq. Don´t tell me. It´s your own fault.

__ yapısı (something) natural, not man-made.

__ yarattı dememek to beat someone unmercifully.

__ yardım eylesin. May God help you.

__ yardımcın olsun.
1. May God be your helper.
2. May God be your help.

__ yardımcısı olsun. God help him. He is in real trouble.

__ yazdı ise bozsun. colloq. If this is my fate may it be changed. I will never do what is being demanded of me.

__ “Yürü ya kulum,” demiş. colloq.
1. He certainly got rich fast.
2. He has done very well in his work.

__ ziyade etsin. May God give you abundance (said by the guest after a meal).
Allah * Allah, God. * How wonderful! Really!
allah godhead
Allah Allah
Allah Father

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
hay Allah!
  • {INTRJ} botheration!, god: oh my god!, gosh: my gosh!, damn: I will be damned!, gosh!, dear!, holy cow!, doggone!, hey!, son of a gun!
Allah Allah!
  • {INTRJ} goodness: my goodness!, Jove: by Jove!, hello!, goodness gracious!, gee whiz!, gracious goodness!, gracious me!, damn: I will be damned!, golly!, gosh!, gee!
Allah belânı versin!
  • {INTRJ} damn you!, curse: god curse you!, drat you!
Allah belasını versin!
  • {INTRJ} damned!
Allah belâsını versin!
  • {INTRJ} damn it!, dash it!, dash it all!, devil: the devil!, curse him!, plague: a plague on him!
Allah bilir!
  • {INTRJ} goodness knows!
Allah bilir ne
  • {PHR} heaven knows what
Allah göstermesin!
  • {INTRJ} god forbid!
Allah isterse
  • {ADV} deo volente
Allah kahretsin!
  • {INTRJ} damn it!, damnation!, damned!, blast it!, dash it!, fuck it! [sl.], bugger it! [sl.], bugger! [sl.]
Allah korusun!
  • {INTRJ} far be it from me!, god forbid!, heaven forbid!
Allah ne verdiyse
  • {N} luck: pot luck
Allah ne verdiyse yemek
  • {V} luck: take pot luck
Allah rahmet eylesin
  • {PHR} rest: god rest his soul
Allah seni kahretsin!
  • {INTRJ} damn you!
Allah uzun ömür versin!
  • {INTRJ} banzai!
Allah vere de
  • {PHR} goodness: I wish to goodness
Allah vergisi
  • {A} innate
  • {N} innate talent, gift, dowry, faculty
Allah vergisi yetenek
  • {N} endowment
bırak Allah aşkına!
  • {INTRJ} cry: for crying out loud!