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Turkish » English Top
  • {V} dig, excavate, trench, cave, cave in, disinter, grub, hole, hollow, hollow out, mine, pick, pick up, sink, spud
kazmak /ı/ to dig, excavate, or trench. kazdığı çukura kendisi düşmek to fall into one´s own trap.
kazmak * to dig; to excavate; to trench.
kazmak dig
kazmak excavate

Turkish » English Indirect results Top
altını kazmak
  • {V} undermine
çukur kazmak
  • {V} hole: dig a hole, pit: dig a pit, dig
hendek kazmak
  • {V} ditch, trench
kuyu kazmak
  • {V} sink a well
siper kazmak
  • {V} dig in, dig a trench, trench, intrench, entrench
toprağı kazmak
  • {V} break ground
tünel kazmak
  • {V} tunnel: dig a tunnel, mine, burrow
çukurunu kazmak * to plot against (someone).
iğne ile kuyu kazmak * to try to do a hard job with pitifully inadequate means. * to do a job that demands a lot of time and patience.
kendi kuyusunu kendi kazmak * to dig one's own grave, be the cause of one's own downfall.
kuyusunu kazmak * to lay a trap for (someone) to walk into.
lağım kazmak * to dig a sewer. askeri * to mine.
(çukur) kazmak burrow
toprağı kazmak grub
sivri bir aletle kazmak pick
sıçanyolu kazmak sap
altını kazmak sap
altını kazmak undermine v.
çukur kazmak dig a hole, dig a pit, dig v.
hendek kazmak ditch, trench v.