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Su Paz
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Su Paz
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  • {A} water, aquatic, aqueous
  • {N} water, aqua, juice, bourne, bourn, hydric oxide, Adam: Adam's ale
  • {PREF} hydro-
  • {CONJ} that
  • {PRON} that
su ,-yu
1. water.
2. juice.
3. sap.
4. body of water; stream; river; lake; sea.
5. broth; gravy.
6. temper (of steel).
7. embroidery running pattern. (...)

sularında about, around: saat altı sularında around six o´clock. elli sularında about fifty years old.

su almak
1. to leak, admit water.
2. (for a boat) to leak, take in water.

suyunu almak /ın/ to drain the water from (cooked vegetables).

su arkı irrigation ditch.

suda balık satmak to make an empty promise.

su basmak /ı/ for water to flood (a place).

su baskını flood.

suyun başı
1. source, spring, fountain.
2. place from which one gains the greatest profits or benefits.
3. person who holds the greatest authority and bears the greatest responsibility.

suyu baştan/başından kesmek to tackle a problem at its root.

su birikintisi puddle.

suda boğulmak to be drowned.

suya boğulmak to be flooded with water.

su bölümü çizgisi geog. watershed, water parting.

suyu bulandırmak to throw a monkey wrench into something that´s going well.

su cenderesi hydraulic press.

su çarpmak /a/ to give (one´s face) a quick, splashy wash.

su çekmek
1. to draw water (from a well or cistern).
2. to absorb water.

suyunu çekmek
1. for the liquid in (something being cooked) to boil away.
2. (for money) to be spent, run out.

suyu çekilmiş değirmene dönmek
1. (for a place) to become as silent as a tomb, become like a morgue.
2. to become completely useless.

sudan çıkmış balığa dönmek to be in a daze, not to know what to do or which way to turn.

su değirmeni water mill.

su dökmek to urinate, pass water, make water.

su dökünmek to take a quick bath (by dousing oneself with water).

suya düşmek
1. to fail, come to nothing.
2. to fall into the water.

su etmek/yapmak (for a ship) to leak, take in water.

sudan geçirmek /ı/
1. to wash (laundry) quickly and carelessly.
2. to rinse (laundry).

su gibi
1. like water.
2. easily, smoothly.
3. fluently.

su gibi akmak
1. (for time) to pass very quickly.
2. /a/ (for money) to be made by (a person or place) in great quantities.

su gibi aziz ol! Thank you very much indeed (for bringing me water to drink)!

su gibi bilmek /ı/ to know (something) perfectly, have (something) down pat.

su gibi ezberlemek /ı/ to memorize (something) perfectly.

su gibi gitmek (for money) to be spent like water.

su gibi okumak /ı/ to read quickly and faultlessly.

su gibi terlemek to sweat heavily.


suyunca gitmek /ın/ not to go counter to (someone); not to cross (someone), to comply with (someone´s) wishes.

suyu görmeden paçaları sıvamak to count one´s chickens before they´re hatched.

su (yüzü) görmemiş very dirty (face, hands).

suya göstermek /ı/ to give (something) a quick wash.

su götürmez indisputable.

su götürür yeri olmamak /ın/ for there to be nothing more to be said about (a matter).

suya götürür, susuz getirir. colloq. He´s a master hoodwinker.

su içene yılan bile dokunmaz. proverb It´s wrong to attack a person while he´s drinking water, even if he is one´s enemy.

su içinde easily, at least.

su içinde kalmak to sweat heavily, sweat buckets.

su içmek gibi very easy, as easy as taking candy from a baby.

su kaçırmak
1. to leak.
2. slang to annoy, bother, give someone a headache.

su kaldırmak (for something being cooked) to absorb water.

su kapmak (for a wound) to get infected, fester.

sular kararmak to get dark (in the evening).

su katılmamış real, in every sense of the word, through and through.

suyu kesilmiş değirmene dönmek (for a place) to get quiet, for all noise (in a place) to cease.

su kesimi naut. draft line; water line.

suyu kesiyor. It´s so blunt it won´t cut anything (said of a knife).

su kesmek to become very watery; to ooze a lot of water or juice.

su kireci hydraulic lime.

su korkusu hydrophobia, morbid dread of water.

su koyuvermek
1. (for something) to ooze a lot of water (while being cooked).
2. slang to become impudent, overstep the mark, spoil the fun by going too far.

su küçüğün, söz/sofra büyüğün. proverb At mealtime the children should be the ones who get water first, but the adults should be the first ones who begin to eat and converse.

suyu nereden geliyor? /ın/ Who´s paying for all this?/Who´s financing this thing?

suyu mu çıktı? colloq. /ın/ What´s wrong with that/this place?

su perisi water nymph.

suyuna pirinç salınmaz. colloq. You can´t depend on him.

suda pişmiş boiled; stewed.

su saati water meter.

suya sabuna dokunmamak to be careful not to stir up trouble; to be careful to keep on the good side of others, be careful not to raise any hackles.

suya salmak /ı/ to waste, throw away.

su sayacı water meter.

suyu seli kalmamak for the juice in (a food) to be cooked away/boil away. (içine, gönlüne)

su serpilmek /ın/ to feel relieved, be set at ease (after a period of worry).

suyu sert
1. (steel) tempered to a high degree of hardness.
2. harsh (person).

suyunun suyu something that has only a faint connection with something else.

su tedavisi hydrotherapy.

su testisi su yolunda kırılır. proverb When a person is injured or dies, his injury or death can usually be attributed to his occupation or way of life.

suyuna tirit
1. tasteless (food).
2. (getting by) on little or nothing.

su toplamak (for a place on one´s body) to blister, become blistered.

sudan ucuz dirt cheap, a dime a dozen.

su vermek /a/
1. to water.
2. to give (someone, an animal) some water.
3. to quench (steel).

su yitimi dehydration.

su yürümek /a/ for the sap to rise (in); for the buds of the trees to begin to swell.

su yüzüne çıkmak (for a matter/problem) to surface, become apparent.
şu ,-nu this; that.

şuna bak! Just look at him! (said belittlingly).

şunu bunu bilmem! colloq. But me no buts!/I´m not accepting any excuses!

şundan bundan konuşmak to talk of this and that.

şu günlerde
1. in the near future, any day now.
2. in these days: in those days.

şu halde
1. In that case .../If that´s the case ....
2. therefore.

şu kadar ki only, but (used to introduce a remark or a sentence).

şunun şurası colloq. that place over there; this place right here.

şunun şurasında colloq. just, only: Şunun şurasında Ramazan´a iki gün kaldı. There are only two days to go before Ramazan begins.

şu var ki only, however, and yet (used to introduce a remark or a sentence).
su su{yu} * water. * juice. * sap. * body of water; stream; river; lake; sea. * broth; gravy. * temper (of steel). nakış * running pattern.