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Spanish » English Top
  • {V} shout, yell, clamour, clamor, scream, shriek, cry out, bawl out, bawl, whoop, halloo, bellow, holler, howl, hoot, sing out, cry, outcry, call, call out, shrill out, shout out, fagot, faggot, scold, chant, break out, bark

Spanish » English Indirect results Top
gritar a
  • {V} hail, forego
gritar a cuatro vientos
  • {V} blazon
gritar al lobo
  • {V} cry wolf
gritar a los cuatro vientos
  • {V} blaze
gritar alrededor de
  • {V} circle
gritar a uno
  • {V} bawl at smb., shout at smb.
gritar a voz en cuello
  • {V} shriek at the top of one's voice
gritar como un desaforado
  • {V} shout like mad
gritar como un lobo
  • {V} cry wolf
gritar con protesta
  • {V} jeer
gritar con sarcasmo
  • {V} jeer
gritar por
  • {V} root for, cry for
gritar una orden
  • {V} bark an order
volverse ronco a fuerza de gritar
  • {V} shout oneself hoarse